• Project D2KAB

    Data to Knowledge in Agronomy and Biodiversity


  • We want to create a framework to turn agronomy and biodiversity data into knowledge –semantically described, interoperable, actionable, open– and investigate scientific methods and tools to exploit this knowledge for applications in science & agriculture

  • Where are agronomy and biodiversity in the famous Linked Open Data cloud diagram?

    We want D2KAB to accomplish a similar role in agronomy, agriculture and biodiversity

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  • Our project

    What we (will) do?

    D2KAB’s primary objective is to create a framework to turn agronomy and biodiversity data into knowledge –semantically described, interoperable, actionable, open– and investigate scientific methods and tools to exploit this knowledge for applications in science & agriculture. Agronomy/agriculture and biodiversity (ag & biodiv) face several major societal, economical, and environmental challenges, a semantic data science approach will help to address. We shall provide the means –ontologies and linked open data– for ag & biodiv to embrace the semantic Web to produce and exploit FAIR data. To do so, we will develop new original methods and algorithms in the following areas: data integration, text mining, semantic annotation, ontology alignment and linked data exploitation.

    Who are we?

    D2KAB project brings together a unique multidisciplinary consortium of 12 partners to achieve this objective: 2 informatics research units (LIRMM, I3S); 6 INRA/IRSTEA/IRD applied informatics research units (URGI, MaIAGE, IATE, DIST, TSCF, DIADE) specialized in agronomy or agriculture; 2 labs in biodiversity and ecosystem research (CEFE, URFM); 1 association of agriculture stakeholders (ACTA); and 1 partnership with Stanford BMIR department. Each of the project driving scenarios (food packaging, agro-agri linked data, wheat phenotype, ecosystems & plant biogeography) will have a significant impact and produce concrete outcomes for ag & biodiv scientific communities and socio-economic actors in agriculture.

    What are our objectives?

    Objective 1: To develop state-of-the-art methods and technologies for ontology lifecycle and alignment.


    Objective 2: To build the agronomy, agriculture and biodiversity Linked Open Data cloud.


    Objective 3: To enable new semantically driven agronomy and biodiversity science.

    How we will do?

    • WP1: Ontology-based services
    • WP2: Ontology alignment and the Global Agricultural Concept Scheme (GACS)
    • WP3: Building and harnessing an ag & biodiv distributed knowledge graph

    Five agronomy, agriculture, ecosystem and biodiversity driving scenarios (WP4 & WP5)

  • D2KAB develops and supports AgroPortal

    The vocabulary and ontology repository dedicated to agri-food hosts 140 semantic artefacts including some reference resources in the domain: Agrovoc, NAL thesaurus, Crop Ontology, TOP thesaurus, AnaEE thesaurus, etc.


    In Sept. 2020 D2KAB released version 2.0 of AgroPortal. Check out our release notes.

  • Consortium & Partners

    ANR D2KAB is a formal consortium of 10 units and 2 external collaborators, which cover 7 important research organisations. We also partner with 2 companies.

    Laboratory of Informatics, Robotics and Microelectronics of Montpellier (LIRMM)

    Université de Montpellier & CNRS (UMR5506)

    Web-instrumented man-machine interactions, communities and semantics (Wimmics)

    Université Côte d'Azur, Inria & CNRS

    Delegation for Scientific and Technical Information (DipSO)


    Information System Technologie for Agrosystems (TSCF)

    INRAE (fomer IRSTEA team)

    Research Unit in Genomics and Bioinformatics (URGI)


    Research Unit on Ecology of the Mediterranean Forests (URFM)


    Applied Mathematics and Informatics, from Genomes to the Environment (MaIAGE)


    Agropolymers Engineering and Emerging Technologies (IATE)


    Center for Functional and Evolutive Ecology (CEFE)

    Université de Montpellier & CNRS (UMR5175)

    Agricultural Technical Coordination Association (ACTA)

    DIversity - Adaptation - DEvelopment of plants (DIADE)

    French Research Institute for Development

    Center for Biomedical Informatics Research (BMIR)

    Stanford University



  • Ecosystem & Partner Projects

    D2KAB: a national component of an international ecosystem.

    D2KAB's partner projects includes

    ANR FooSIN - French section of the GO FAIR Food Systems Implementation Network

    GO FAIR Food System Implementation Network


    OntoPortal Alliance


  • Results


    Publications associated with the project are referenced on the HAL platform.


    Some publications are also available in a Zenodo community


    A vocabulary and ontology repository for agronomy

    Software Developments

    Un petit slogan

    Our software is open source and available on GitHub: https://github.com/d2kab


    RDF knowledge base for plant molecular networks

  • Events

    List of events organized or co-organized by project partners and related to D2KAB.

    Kick off meeting

    Project kickoff meeting is organized in Montpellier, June 26-27, 2019.

    Mi-annual scientific meeting

    Online March 3, 2020.

    Annual scientific meeting 2020

    Online. From end of September to early November 2020.

    - 2 external keynotes by Pascal Neveu (INRAE) and Elizabeth Arnaud (Bioversity International)

    - 5 internal workshops

    - 2 half-day plenary sessions

    Montpellier, Originally planned for May 26-27, 2020. New date to come.

    Free registration here.


    Contact: Clement Jonquet

    Bolzano, September 16, 2020

    Co-located with ICBO 2020, within the Bolzano Summer of Knowledge


    Contact: Franck Michel

  • Contact us

    We also have a public mailing list open for project-related discussions: d2kab-public@lirmm.fr

    @d2kab on Twitter

    d2kab on GitHub

    AgroHackathon on Meetup

    D2KAB on ResearchGate

    D2KAB on Zenodo

  • Support & Funding

    D2KAB is mostly funded by the French National Research Agency. Additional funding is described hereafter.

    ANR 2018 generic call

    AGRO-NUMEV-CEMEB InterLabex 2016 call 

    Postdoc LINGUA

    Lingua Franca in Agriculture and Biodiversity

    Labex NUMEV

    (ANR 2011-LABX-076)

    International Research Team 2019 call

    #DigitAg Convergence Lab (ANR IA-16-CONV-0004)

    Interns & visiting scholar programs